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A Level Maths

Your A Levels and AS Levels are one of the most important things you'll ever do, as they have the power to shape the rest of your life. So, it's important to ensure you get the best grades you're capable of - which is where a tutor can really help.

We offer private tuition in all subjects. Your program of study will be tailored to your needs, allowing you to get the best A Level grades you can.

Graduating Students

The A/S and A-levels are perhaps the most important stages of an academic career. They are used nationally for entrance into University, as well as being highly valued by employers. Consequently, Amadou places the utmost emphasis on attainment at this level.

Amadou offers exam-specific and board-specific Intensive Revision Courses tailored to helping the individual pupil maximise their ability and achieve their potential.

At Amadou, we aim to give our students the competitive edge required to not just pass, but achieve the highest levels of success. We provide specific AS Level knowledge and exam technique to help prepare our candidates for success. This includes:

- Imparting specific A and AS Level knowledge
- Coaching in exam technique to maximize knowledge
- The use of innovative and modern teaching methods
- Past exam papers
- Individual specific feedback

The Intensive Revision Courses we provide are extremely popular with students.

A and AS Course Structure

The full A-level examinations comprises two parts, the AS exams normally held during school Year 12, and A2 exams normally held during Year 13. However, there is no age limitation, and so other students may make arrangements to take the examinations.

It should be noted that the AS exam provides a qualification in its own right.

The subject specifications are modular and typically comprise both teaching modules and assessed work. Grades are awarded A to E. It is possible for candidates to re-sit module exams for which their initial results were lower than expected.

Examinations are also available for Advanced Extension Awards, suitable for the top 10% of students.

It is always advisable to obtain the full details of the proposed specifications, and past exam papers, direct from the intended examining board.