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CRB Checks

All tutors at Amadou education are CRB checked.



Why Choose a Private Tutor

You will probably be interested in private home tutoring for one of these reasons:

- You’re child isn’t progressing well at school
- You want your child to succeed
- You as a student or your child has lost their confidence
- Your child is falling behind their friends
- You or your child is struggling to make grades
- You or your child want better grades
- You want to explore a new area of study

Personal tutoring, in your home, with a qualified, experienced tutor can unlock the secrets to learning.

Private tuition, with one of our experienced mathematics tutors can:

Increase understanding of a subject a student has previously struggled with and change a struggling student to a good student and a good student to an excellent student. Help overcome short-term learning barriers to create success in exams and prospects in the long-term

- Improve grades
- Bring learning to life
- Improve performance in school, college, tests and exams
- Improve confidence in learning
- Help your child gain entrance to their school of choice
– Develop new learning techniques
- Work through problem areas and conquer fear

Why and how does home tutoring work?

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Away from the restrictions and confines of a classroom the learning environment becomes relaxed and encouraging.

Our tutors work hard with students to build trust so they feel able to make and overcome mistakes, building their confidence and self-esteem and maximising their enjoyment of a subject.


Private Home tutoring offers:

Measurable results in shorter time frames, generally 2-3 hours of home tutoring is equivalent to one day at school.

An enjoyable approach to learning, the one on one approach which works around distractions and different learning styles, keeping the student motivated.

A reasonable level of fees, with discounts offered for blocks of lessons paid for in advance.

Level Tuition at home Tuition in Tutors Home
Under 11 £35 £30
Common Entrance £35 £30
GCSE £40 £35
A-Level £45 £40

If a block of 10 lessons is booked and paid for in advance, one lesson is free

For example an A-Level student would pay only £405 for 10 lessons in their own home as opposed to £450

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