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CRB Checks

All tutors at Amadou education are CRB checked.

Younger Children

At Amadou we believe it is never too early to help younger children with their maths.

Those early years are the best time to introduce children to the fun and pleasure of maths that will help them in their later years.

The sooner children learn that maths can be fun and not a "scary lesson" the better they will progress through their studies.

We give one to one tuition to younger children, keeping the lessons time shorter to allow for the shorter attention span and keeping the lessons fun and having a creative side.

Maths Activity Books


We have also recently worked closely with Boxgrove primary school in Guildford, to produce a holiday maths book to keep children amused and their brains active over the Christmas holidays.

This has proved very popular with children, parents and the school and is a great way to remove the stigma of maths that children can easily pick up.

For those who have their activity books there is some supporting documents listed below, please click on the links to download and print.

For those who are interested in signing up their children for a maths activity book or wish to discuss tuition or additional education for younger children please contact us using the details on the left