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Congratulations to all our students on their recent GCSE and A level success, we wish them every success at their chosen Universities in September, please look at the recommendations page here are some of their achievements.

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A Message from the founder

Mathematics is often regarded as difficult, dull and a boring subject. Not to us!

Education Director

Maths underpins all the scientific calculations in today's world. Take physics for instance, if you are not good at Mathematics then there is virtually no chance for you to make it to an Engineering Field.

Our aim is to make lessons an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Often students come to me having lost confidence in the subject and meaningless. We like nothing more than the challenge of seeing a student come to us hating the subject, and leaving with it being their favourite.

As competition for higher education places hits unprecedented levels, some top universities now require students to score a string of A grades at 16 as a minimum entry requirement – on top of A-levels. In many cases, children who fail to gain at least Cs in GCSE English and maths are automatically barred. Prestigious Universities around the world have a minimum requirement of a C in GCSE's and a C in A Level Mathematics but if you want to opt for a scholarship then nothing is better than A*/A.

We've had great success with students who received very disappointing results in the first part of their A-level course, and have turned their performance around completely. I know that several of our clients have come to us via referrals, so I'm not surprised by this trend at all; parents are hearing about how we can help children to achieve after disastrous early results, and naturally want that for their own children

GCSE Mathematics Grade C is the 'benchmark' grade used by many employers, most A-level and many college courses (and ALL universities) as a measure of numerical and logical competence. Its significance (and value) is that many candidates DON'T achieve Grade C. While there are high pass rates in many other GCSE subjects, this is NOT true in GCSE Maths. If you want to continue with your A' Levels after GCSE then we would recommend getting anything from A* to C because this stage of education is the one which shapes your future.

If you can provide your child with dedicated full time private tuition, the situation can be remedied very quickly. Focused attention really is the best way to help a child to achieve their full potential and if the student has aspirations to study at the top universities in this tough climate, this is the best way to get there.

Our intensive revision courses also allow our students to gain a combination of knowledge and techniques required to fulfil the requirements of the GCSE exam or A-level exam. All courses involve a systematic and thorough review of the main syllabus topics, checking understanding of the material and the ability to manipulate it under exam conditions.

Its not only higher education, that is improtant but in these tough economic times having good results in the core subjects is even more critical, see this recent story on the BBC here

Background and Experience

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After leaving University I taught in a maintained secondary school in Surrey for 11 years. During this time I became Deputy Head of Mathematics and Deputy Head of House. During my time within the maintained sector I was very honoured to be rewarded with the title of ‘Leading mathematics teacher in Surrey’. I further enhanced this role to become a cluster coordinator for leading maths teachers across the borough, both in primary and secondary schools. In 2006, I moved into the Independent Sector and took on the role of Head of Mathematics. I have spent the last 5 years working within the independent sector And have an excellent record of ensuring students perform above their predicted scores. My high expectations of students, raises their efforts and achievement too. This year I left to set up my own business Amadou Education, teaching maths as a private tutor and delivering revision courses at key times throughout the academic year. I have been tutoring students for the last 20 years and my references from parents and students are testament to my skills and expertise.

Where are we


Degree in Maths BSc (Maths) Post Graduate Certificate in Mathematics and ICT Education (PGCE).


A typical lesson will start by running over work that has been covered at school since the last tutorial and checking that it has been understood. We like to encourage homework as this is a way that we can monitor how our students are coping without our support. If a student has done this, then we will often look over this together and if all is understood then push forward when possible.

Over the years we have taught from most of the schools in the area and are very familiar with all the different syllabuses offered by the various examination boards. We have a wide range of current textbooks and past papers. Accompanying revision notes are given at each lesson.

The pupil's entry level for a particular subject exam largely depends on his/her results for that subject in the Key Stage 3 assessments, in Year 9. Typically, there are two "tiers" for the GCSE examinations; the Higher and Foundation Tiers.

The majority of lessons are run from my home as I feel more progress is made. Unfortunately I tend to find that when tutoring in a student’s home there can be too many distractions. I give homework after every lesson and send out a progress report after every four lessons detailing everything that I cover during a lesson and what has been covered at school or college. Payment is made after every four lessons. My main aim in teaching maths is to make what may seem to many to be a difficult and dull subject, one that will bring many rewards.


If you don't just want to take our word that we are one of the best tutoring agencies with proven results, please read some of the comments from our recent students and their parents here