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CRB Checks

All tutors at Amadou education are CRB checked.


Like any small family run business we not only rely on word of mouth, but are always so happy to hear recommendations from our students, and see how well they have done at those important exams.

If you are a new customer interested in having Amadou Tuition or joining one of our courses we can provide further references as needed.


"I've been getting help with my maths and physics at Amadou for 4 months now. I feel it really helps to have support when you've been struggling to understand things. It makes me feel more confident. If I don't get something straight away, my tutor will spend time explaining things in different ways, so that I 'get it'! She is very calm and patient. My results in maths and physics have definitely improved since I started at Amadou. I now feel more confident taking my Common Entrance in June."

(Tom aged 12)

"Before I started having tutoring with Karen, I was really lost with my maths and wasn't getting very good results. From the moment I started with Karen I haven't looked back. Karen has taught maths to me in such a simple and concise wasy that I really understand my GCSE maths now and my school marks are improving"

(GCSE Student Matt)

"Before I had Karen I struggled with my maths and lacked confidence in what I coudl do. But after some well planned lessons I gained confidence in my skills and learnt new ones. I like the wat Karen wants to have our input into the lessons so she knows what we struggle with and what we need more attention on"

(GCSE Student Johnny)

"Karen has been teaching my sons for 1 and a half terms now. I noticed improvements almost immediately after tutoring started. Firstly their approach to maths was different - they weren't afraid' of it anymore and secondly their confidence in tackling maths has grown. Both are genuinely enjoyoing their lessons and grads at school are improving. We are delighted with their progress"

(Parent of Matt and Johnny above)

"The planned and structured lessons effectively find and resolve weaknesses. Being 1 to 1 tuition, errors can be pinpointed as they are made rather than found by looking back through work. Explanations are clear and easy to understand.

(David A-Level, Year 13)

"Private tuition from Karen has given me the confidence in my A-Level maths to succeed more that than I thought I could. There was a wide variety of material in every lesson which helped me understand every aspect of the syllabus and practice every kind of exam question. Therefore I was fully prepared for all of my maths exams. Overall, private tuition has been a great benefit in exceeding my school teachers expectations as well as mine."

(Vicky A-Level)

"Hiya Karen I got an A in maths! Thank you so much, I couldn't have done it without your help! Got into Sheffield my first choice and so happy!"

(Roisin A-Level)

A Level Results 2011

Here are some of the results from recent students

Congratulations to all our students on their recent A level success, we wish them every success at their chosen Universities in September here are some of their achievements.

Student 1: C3 gained an A after tuition from Amadou (previous grade a D)

Student 2: C1 gained an A after tuition from Amadou (previous grade a C)

Student 3: C1, C2, M1 all grade A after tuition from Amadou

Student 4: C2 gained an A grade working with Amadou (previous grade D)

Student 5: C4 gained an A grade after tuition from Amadou.

Student 6: gained a B grade for C3 after tuition from Amadou (previous grade D)